Potash Employees Have a Vote to Distribute $5,000 Grants
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Potash Employees Have a Vote to Distribute $5,000 Grants

December 13, 2017   |   ShareThis

The goal of Mosaic’s community investments is to create and foster growing, vibrant communities where we live and work, and our Potash employees – including those featured in this video – had a direct hand in making that happen.

Potash employees were invited to nominate organizations that they believed would benefit from a $5,000 grant. Those employee-nominated organizations were vetted, a short list was created, and employees at each of our Potash sites voted. The organizations listed below represent those that received each site’s top two votes – and $5,000 grants

  • Belle Plaine
  • Carlsbad
    • Carlsbad Battered Families Shelter - To help with general shelter expenses.
    • Carlsbad Community of Hope Center - To help build mini shelters to provide residents with a sense of community and transition them to other housing options.
  • Colonsay
    • Colonsay Regional Swimming Pool - To help pay for pool repairs for use in 2018.
    • Town of Cudworth Artificial Ice Project - To support the capital costs of this project.
  • Esterhazy
    • Whitewood Fire Department - To help purchase new self-contained breathing apparatuses.
    • Stockholm Rink - To support the needs of the rink.
  • Regina
    • Carmichael Outreach - To support children's summer activities like craft programs, "fun days" and family picnics.
    • Autism Resource Center - In support of social programming that encourages and develops social skills in a natural, fun and engaging environment.

Our employees and our investments are helping to build strong and healthy communities.