Joc O’Rourke Appointed to U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum
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Joc O’Rourke Appointed to U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum

April 25, 2019   |   ShareThis

Joc O’Rourke, Mosaic President and CEO, is one of 12 U.S. CEOs selected to participate in the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum, which was created in 2007 to help strengthen economic and commercial ties between the two countries.

The United States and Brazil are two of the largest, most innovative, and dynamic economies in the world today. Our deep history and significant presence in both countries make Mosaic a powerhouse of the Americas in crop nutrition. Joc’s participation in the CEO Forum brings this important perspective and experience to business leaders with mutual interests. Together, they are very well positioned to unite and to provide recommendations that can deliver great benefit to both countries.

In past years, the CEO Forum helped spur progress on issues like visas, civil aviation, customs facilitation and a tax information exchange agreement. Going forward, participants will continue to work on many related initiatives, including continued progress toward a bilateral tax treaty. Learn more.