Growing a Sustainable Future, One Rice Farm at a Time
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Growing a Sustainable Future, One Rice Farm at a Time

June 28, 2019   |   ShareThis

2019 marks the sixth year The Mosaic Company Foundation has supported the Rice Stewardship Partnership through Ducks Unlimited and USA Rice. The focus is on optimizing water and nutrient management, energy efficiency and wildlife habitat on U.S. rice farms.

But this isn’t just something that looks good on paper. It’s had tremendous success! The impact has reached over 390,000 rice acres—representing over 13% of all U.S. rice land.

And of that land, 27,000 acres have been enrolled in Alternate Wetting and Drying practices resulting in:

  1. a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 4,500 cars from highways for a year;
  2. water savings equivalent to 9,200 Olympic-sized swimming pools and;
  3. significant improvements in water quality by utilizing best management practices.

4R practices were implemented on 140,000 of these acres, which increases nutrient use efficiency and reduces runoff to surface waters. Three of the rice farmers are recognized as 4R advocates by the fertilizer industry for their efforts around conservation and nutrient stewardship.

And this partnership has no intention of slowing down. Over the next six years, coverage will expand to 770,000 acres of rice and rice-rotation land—which brings the total benefitted U.S. rice acreage to 25%.

Read more about the 4R partnerships Mosaic supports in North America, along with other programs in place to promote sustainable farming.