Potash Expansion Program
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Potash Expansion Program

We’re expanding our operations to meet growing needs. Upon completion of current projects, we expect our multi-billion dollar expansion program will add nearly three million tonnes to our annual potash capacity. Most importantly, we’ll be able to help farmers around the world produce the food we all need.

Potash 101

A look at the mining processes and uses of Potash, one of the world’s most important minerals
Potash Expansion

Mosaic is expanding operations at our three Canadian potash
mines — Belle Plaine, Colonsay
and Esterhazy
K3 Shaft Sinking

The process of sinking a mine shaft at Esterhazy K3

GoPotash Expansion Latest News

March 25, 2013 | Potash Expansion

Video: Connectivity at K3
Constructing one of the world's most significant mining operations relies on many people working together toward a common goal...Read Full Article

October 31, 2012 | Potash Expansion News

Video: Building a Headframe at Esterhazy K3
Mosaic is building one of the world’s tallest mining headframes at its Esterhazy K3 potash expansion site. An exciting new time-lapse video showcases construction of...Read Full Article

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