Mosaic Employees in Florida Lead Coastal Cleanup
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Mosaic Employees in Florida Lead Coastal Cleanup

July 11, 2009   |   ShareThis

Volunteers traveled to Punta Gorda from as far away as Polk County and gathered trash by boat and foot. Some walked along the coastal mangroves while others patrolled in boats north along the Peace River and south into Charlotte Harbor.

The cleanup started at an integral location of the Charlotte Harbor Estuary, in the brackish waters where the Peace River meets the Harbor waters. The area is home to thousands of native plant and animal species and is considered one of the most productive estuaries in the nation.  It is a key fishing and recreational area for the region, and thus a perfect spot to beautify while demonstrating Mosaic's commitment to environmental stewardship. 

The cleanup was quite successful, as evidenced by approximately 60 bags of trash and large items that filled two dumpsters. Much of the debris was left over from Hurricane Charley, which hit the area nearly five years ago, and was found wedged in thick coastal mangroves. Along with the usual variety of trash, volunteers also disposed of a backpack, tire, Styrofoam, chairs, wood, and septic and propane tanks. In addition to Mosaic employees and family, vendors from Rubber Applications, Central Maintenance & Welding, Rubber & Accessories, RSR Coatings, HD Supply and Central Florida Industrial participated in the cleanup. 

Special thanks to all the volunteers for making the cleanup a success.