Mosaic Donates Retired Dragline Bucket
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Mosaic Donates Retired Dragline Bucket

October 28, 2009   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic Hillsborough County Fair became the proud new owners of a 55,000 pound dragline bucket previously used at a Mosaic mine in Ft. Meade, FL.  The bucket was retired from use in 1995 and has a capacity of 42 cubic yards.  That means with every scoop, you could fill four and a half commercial dump trucks.

The bucket will signify the history of the site where the fairgrounds were constructed.  The fairgrounds, located in Valrico, Florida, were constructed in 2007 on lands reclaimed after phosphate mining. Using funds from the County’s Phosphate Recovery Trust Fund, the County constructed the fairgrounds without impacting general revenue, providing a recreation area for all residents using taxes from local industry. 

Making creative use of a unique object, the fair will place a backlit sign on the bucket and position it near the entrance of the site to welcome visitors.