Mosaic India: Supporting Education
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Mosaic India: Supporting Education

November 17, 2009   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic Less than half of India’s children between the ages of six and 14 go to school. Fortunately, there are donor-sponsored schools throughout India that are working hard to improve these numbers. Two of these—Sankalp School and the Happy School, serving over 700 children between them—are located near Mosaic’s Gurgoan location. Both specifically serve underprivileged children between the ages of four and 15, and Mosaic has made a commitment to support them.

In addition to education, both schools also strive to provide nutritional counseling and extracurricular activities for the students. To support these efforts, Mosaic will be presenting workshops on agriculture and food to the students, as well as organizing a “sports day” for the schools. Mosaic employees from Gurgaon have also made a commitment to help maintain the campuses of both schools.

To learn more about the schools, please visit The Happy School and Sankalp.