Mosaic Co. Continues Support in Polk County
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Mosaic Co. Continues Support in Polk County

July 19, 2010   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic The article highlights Mosaic's powerful contributions to the local United Way as the company raised about $1.4 million last year alone and states:
"Part of what's remarkable is there have been ups and downs in the industry over 30 years, and they've always been really generous, even when times have been tough," [Terry] Worthington [of the United Way] said. "The folks who are here working, there are fewer people giving more."
Priscilla Perry, head of the Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce, said Mosaic has consistently supported community projects in the city. The company holds annual fundraisers for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and Perry said Mosaic recently contributed $40,000 to renovate a train used as a historical exhibit and meeting space.
"Mosaic has been very steady as far as supporting Fort Meade," Perry said. "Even though we have had an impact as far as loss of jobs, and it's been a very hard thing for our community, at the same time I would have to say the volunteerism and monetary support has been upfront all the way."
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