Pegasus K62(TM) - Do-More-With-Less White Potash
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Pegasus K62(TM) - Do-More-With-Less White Potash

August 11, 2010   |   ShareThis

The expansion will increase the availability of its white potash, Pegasus K62™, to meet the higher levels of demand in the North American market.

By 2014, Mosaic plans to increase capacity at Belle Plaine from 2.8 million tons to 3.5 million tons of white potash per year. The Mosaic facility in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, is the largest potash solution mine in the world.

“The demand for potash is expected to increase by at least 20 million tons in the next ten years,” Peter Jackson, General Manager, Belle Plaine said. “Pegasus K62 white potash is superior potash with higher potassium content and lower impurities and insolubles. It also has a higher K2O content that offers better value per ton K2O. This expansion will ensure a guaranteed supply of Mosaic Pegasus K62 white potash and give dealers and distributors new options in crop nutrition.”

Pegasus K62™ - Do-More-With-Less White Potash
Mosaic’s Pegasus K62™ is the do-more-with-less white potash that can enhance dealer margins by approximately seven dollars per ton. That’s because white potash has 62 percent K2O content, versus 60 percent content in red potash. Pegasus K62 allows for more uniform blending and application, and is well suited for both direct application and bulk blending.

Pegasus K62 appeals to the inner environmentalist in every ag professional, with a clear “green” edge. It allows for lower shipping volume due to the two additional units (3.3%) K2O. Belle Plaine white potash is produced using recycled water throughout the entire process. And Belle Plaine white potash utilizes energy efficient cooling ponds to produce crystals.

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