Mosaic Supports Millennium Development Goals
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Mosaic Supports Millennium Development Goals

September 21, 2010   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic Mosaic President and CEO, Jim Prokopanko, joined world leaders in New York for the 2010 United Nations Private Sector Forum on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This forum aims to identify actions the private sector can take to accelerate progress toward achieving the MDGs. Mosaic is committed to helping attain these goals—eight benchmarks  for tackling extreme poverty—by 2015.

Mosaic is proud to partner with Millennium Promise, a nonprofit organization solely committed to supporting achievement of the MDGs, on the Millennium Villages Project. In 2010, Mosaic will donate 52,000 bags of fertilizer and the associated logistics costs to seven African countries. Valued at $2.1 million and impacting over 300,000 people, this contribution dramatically increases both crop yields and quality, having a direct impact on the first of the MDGs: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.

“When farming families manage to increase production, they can sell their surplus and raise extra income to pay for school fees, hospital visits, medicines and more nutritious food,” said Prokopanko. “Across the Millennium Villages, maize yields have tripled on average, resulting in a 35 percent decrease in malnutrition for children under two.”

Your support is crucial to achieving the MDGs. We invite you to learn more about how to get involved by registering at or visiting Millennium Promise on Facebook at

Farming First features Jim Prokopanko, Mosaic President and CEO

In their recent news release and blog, Farming First—a coalition of organizations, including the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)—featured Jim Prokopanko, Mosaic President and CEO. Prokopanko serves as a representation for Farming First and North American vice president for IFA, an organization committed to helping achieve the MDGs. Learn more about IFA’s commitment here.