Esterhazy Expansion Update
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Esterhazy Expansion Update

October 14, 2010   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic These plans include details of our new K3 site as well as the schedule and milestones of the Esterhazy expansion.

Freeze hole drilling of the K3 shaft will be completed by spring 2011, with the shafts being sunk in 2012. The raw ore from the K3 site being transported via trucks to our K2 mill on a road that Mosaic will be building.

This project will take approximately 1500 person years of construction time and will lead to at least 100 permanent full time jobs.

Other developments from the Esterhazy expansion will mean 3 more miners underground as well as debottlenecking the K2 mill operations.

Production at the K3 site will begin in 2016. The expansions project will increase the overall production at Esterhazy from 5.45M to 6.36M tonnes per year.

Stay tuned for more expansion news from our other sites as we move forward.