Mosaic Wins ABEX Award for Growth and Expansion
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Mosaic Wins ABEX Award for Growth and Expansion

November 03, 2010   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic The ABEX Awards showcase some of Saskatchewan’s greatest business success stories and, since 1984, have gained prominence as the most highly esteemed symbols of business excellence in Saskatchewan.

“On behalf of our employees, it is an honor for me to accept this award,” says Norm Beug. “A special thank you goes out to our expansion teams and all our employees who have dedicated themselves to this critical assignment.”

As one of the world’s largest producers of potash, Mosaic is taking advantage of compelling economics and long-term demand trends by pursuing an ambitious capacity expansion program. Mosaic’s multibillion-dollar investment, which spans more than a decade, will leverage existing facilities and infrastructure at our mines in Saskatchewan—mines that possess another 100 years’ worth of potash reserves. Mosaic also is in the process of relocating its Regina, Saskatchewan, headquarters–a move that will create 120 jobs in the area.