South Fort Meade Partial Settlement Approved
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South Fort Meade Partial Settlement Approved

November 04, 2010   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic This agreement allows limited mining to proceed on approximately 200 acres out of the 10,483-acre Hardee County Extension of Mosaic’s South Fort Meade phosphate rock mine.

“While we are encouraged by this latest development, litigation is ongoing, and we will need a favorable resolution of our larger appeal in order to permanently resume mining activities at South Fort Mead,” said Bo Davis, Mosaic’s vice president of Phosphate Operations.

The Mosaic management team at South Fort Meade will now begin the process of restarting production at the mine, as well as recalling laid-off workers and equipment. The month-long timeline of resuming operations on December 1 will ensure South Fort Meade is brought back online without disrupting production at other facilities.