Supporting Excellence in Corporate Responsibility
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Supporting Excellence in Corporate Responsibility

January 05, 2011   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic The Mosaic Company Professorship for Excellence in Corporate Responsibility is a five-year funding commitment supporting graduate and undergraduate education in responsible business practices.

"Being mindful of the impact of our activities on the long term health of our shareholders, the environment, customers, employees and communities is how business must be conducted in the 21st century,” said Chris Lambe, director of social responsibility for Mosaic. “Mosaic is proud to partner with the Carlson School in developing business practices that drive profit while eliminating those that run contrary to the public good."

Kingshuk K. (KK) Sinha of the Carlson School of Management’s Operations and Management Science Department has been appointed the professorship. Sinha's current research topics include process and technology integration and innovations and disruptions (e.g. recalls) in the health care supply chain. His work has also focused on health care supply chain design for underserved communities in developing and developed countries.

"KK's work on global supply chains supports the idea that sustainability and efficiency are not at odds, and in fact have to be considered together. His work also ties squarely with Mosaic's interests in sustainable business practices," said Sri Zaheer, associate dean of faculty and research, Carlson School of Management.

The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota is a recognized leader in business education and research. Its focus on experiential learning, international education, and maintaining strong ties to the business community exemplify the school’s commitment to excellence.