Understanding Zinc Deficiency
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Understanding Zinc Deficiency

February 14, 2011   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic However, zinc’s most important job is in the field, being readily available to support root system development, photosynthesis, formation of plant growth regulators and crop stress protection, especially when plants are young and growing.

With zinc deficiency growing in the Midwest, “Understanding Zinc Deficiency”  from The Mosaic Company’s Balanced Crop Nutrition guide is timely and informative.

Mosaic released the 2011 Balanced Crop Nutrition guide as part of an ongoing commitment to educate growers and ag retailers about the importance of balanced crop nutrition. Sent to over 400,000 growers as a supplement to Successful Farming magazine, the 28-page guide is a valuable resource for growers striving for next-generation yields, as well as a great sales tool for Mosaic’s retail customers.

Like the article outlined above, the guide features new thinking on building a well-balanced fertility program and highlights real experiences of producers implementing innovative best management practices and facts on the latest advancements in fertilizer. Find more information on the Balanced Crop Nutrition guide at Mosaic’s Back-to-Basics website.