Mosaic's New "Green" Locomotive
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Mosaic's New "Green" Locomotive

March 24, 2011   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic The Mosaic Company’s first-ever fuel efficient, environmentally friendly locomotive is now in service at its South Fort Meade facility in Florida. The switch-engine technology used in this new ultra-clean N-ViroMotive Gen-Set locomotive reduces fuel costs by more than 50 percent while producing 80 percent fewer emissions than regular, single-engine diesel locomotives.

The new locomotive, which Mosaic purchased last year, was built by National Railway Equipment Company, an industry-leading locomotive designer, developer and manufacturer. It replaces two older, less-efficient diesel locomotives.

“Historically, we’ve leased most of the equipment in our fleet because it can be cost-prohibitive to purchase a brand new locomotive,” said Larry O’Neal, supervisor, Mosaic locomotive maintenance. “However, we’ve found that operating costs over time will be significantly less than a regular engine due to the numerous efficiencies that this equipment will provide.”

The N-ViroMotive locomotive utilizes three engines that can be switched on or off, based on the amount of horsepower needed to pull the 90-car train. Alternating between engines conserves the amount of energy needed to power the locomotive, reducing fuel costs for a savings of approximately $183,000 per year.

In addition to the economic benefits, there are a number of environmental improvements that this new “green” locomotive provides. The engine technology is designed to automatically shut down after 15 minutes of idle time and results in an 80 percent reduction of emissions compared to traditional locomotives. And, with fewer locomotives onsite, noise levels will fall nearly 20 percent below stringent industry regulations.