The Mosaic Company Introduces Nexfos™
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The Mosaic Company Introduces Nexfos™

September 01, 2011   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic Mosaic Feed Ingredients, a division of The Mosaic Company, recently received patent approval for Nexfos™, a granulated feed-grade monodicalcium phosphate for use in animal and poultry feed. Production of Nexfos will begin during the fall of 2011.

“Nexfos is the first innovation in feed-grade phosphate in 40 years,” said Eddy Fontana, Ph.D., regional feed sales manager for Mosaic. “At Mosaic, we’ve taken a commodity—phosphorous—and added value to create an improved feed-grade phosphate.”

As the next generation of feed-grade phosphate, Nexfos features increased efficiency, enhanced bioavailability and a higher, more sustainable concentration of phosphate. Commercial trials showed Nexfos enhanced throughput and improved energy efficiency in the milling process. The unique Nexfos formulation also results in superior pelleting and physical qualities for ease of handling and uniform dispersion in mixed feeds and minerals.

Production of Nexfos will begin during fall 2011.