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October 24, 2011   |   ShareThis

Sample Pic Jim Prokopanko, president and CEO of The Mosaic Company and chairman of the board of directors of Canpotex Limited, recently presided over the delivery of the U-SEA COLONSAY in Japan on behalf of Canpotex, Mosaic and U-Sea Bulk.

The delivery also was attended by Canadian Ambassador to Japan, Jonathan Fried, and other local dignitaries.

 “We are honored to dedicate the U-SEA COLONSAY, named after one of our three potash mines in Saskatchewan, Canada,” said Prokopanko. “This vessel provides an excellent example of the long-term, innovative planning by Canpotex that is essential in helping Canpotex’s Member Producers fulfill the important mission of helping the world grow the food it needs.”

 “This newly constructed vessel is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to quality and to providing potash to our customers on a consistent and timely basis,” said Steve Dechka, president and CEO of Canpotex, noting that the U-SEA COLONSAY is the second of nine new vessels to be operated by Canpotex through an innovative joint venture with U-Sea Bulk of Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The U-SEA COLONSAY is the first vessel to be named after one of our Member Producer’s Saskatchewan potash mine sites. The first vessel, which made its maiden voyage in November 2010, was named the U-SEA SASKATCHEWAN after the Province of Saskatchewan. The remaining seven vessels will be named after Saskatchewan’s two main cities (Saskatoon and Regina) and after other Saskatchewan potash mine locations of our Member Producers” said Dechka.

The U-SEA COLONSAY is a bulk transport vessel, capable of carrying approximately 60,000 metric tons of potash, and is built by Imabari Shipbuilding. It will depart Japan immediately following the delivery and is expected to arrive at Canpotex’s Neptune Terminals facility on Vancouver’s North Shore on November 7 to load Saskatchewan potash for its first maiden voyage.

With long-term customers in approximately 30 overseas jurisdictions that depend on its integrated logistics and handling systems to ensure timely deliveries of Saskatchewan potash, this joint venture provides Canpotex with additional ocean transportation capabilities.

Coordinating about 550 port calls to more than 80 ports annually, Canpotex’s ocean transportation services requires long-term planning. To this end, Canpotex has in excess of $1 billion in forward commitments for 18 new vessels to be delivered between 2010 and 2014 through various joint venture arrangements, including with U-Sea Bulk.