Dr. McLaughlin Honored with IPNI Science Award
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Dr. McLaughlin Honored with IPNI Science Award

December 02, 2011   |   ShareThis

The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) has named Dr. Michael J. McLaughlin of The University of Adelaide and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), as the winner of the prestigious 2011 IPNI Science Award.

“We are honored to announce Dr. McLaughlin as the recipient of the IPNI Science Award. It is evident from his accomplishments that Mike is highly suited to receive this award,” said Dr. Terry L. Roberts, president of IPNI. “His internationally recognized contributions to improved nutrient management and production agriculture through advancements in fertilizer chemistry, crop nutrition and environmental protection are truly excellent. His career marks numerous breakthroughs in improved environmental assessment and management, the development of new fertilizer delivery systems, and a greater understanding of the interactions of nutrients and the environment.”

The IPNI Science Award is intended to recognize outstanding achievements in research, extension or education, with a focus on efficient management of plant nutrients and their positive interaction in fully integrated crop production that enhances yield potential. Such systems improve net returns, lower unit costs of production, and maintain or improve environmental quality.

Since 2007, Dr. McLaughlin has been the foundation director for the University of Adelaide Fertiliser Technology Research Centre, which is supported by The Mosaic Company and the Australian Grain Research and Development Corporation.

Dr. McLaughlin and his research group have been instrumental in developing and understanding the mechanisms behind the effectiveness of fluid fertilizers in low rainfall cropping systems. As foundation director of the Fertiliser Technology Research Centre, Dr. McLaughlin is presently heading the development of leading-edge fertilizer technologies to match nutrient supply to crop demand and identify new efficient fertilizer formulations.

Dr. McLaughlin’s awards and honors include the Australian Soil Science Society Prescott Medal in 2009, 2008 Fluid Fertilizer Foundation Researcher of the Year, 2008 Soil Science Society of America International Award, 2005 CSIRO Land and Water Partnership Excellence Award, and the 2002 CSIRO Land and Water Chief’s Award for excellence in research. He has published 28 book chapters, 184 journal papers, 52 refereed full conference papers, 262 conference abstracts and over 120 other industry reports and publications. He holds eight patents and, since 1989, has won research grants valued at over $24 million.