Innovative Sales Tools for Innovative Products
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Innovative Sales Tools for Innovative Products

December 06, 2011   |   ShareThis

Innovation is playing an ever-increasing role in the tools and resources provided to The Mosaic Company’s premium product customers.

“Our customers have the expectation that innovative products deserve cutting-edge tools to support the sales process,” said Barb Kula, vice president of marketing for Mosaic. “And, that’s what we’ve delivered.”

Mosaic’s latest marketing tool provided to over 1,400 MicroEssentials® customers is an electronic video brochure, which includes two new MicroEssentials animation videos (viewable below):

  • Uniform Nutrient Distribution (below left): MicroEssentials packs the vital nutrients for plant growth into a nutritionally balanced granule.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake (below right): MicroEssentials’ unique formula significantly increases phosphorus uptake in young plants.