Global Fertilizer Industry Launches New Online Campaign
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Global Fertilizer Industry Launches New Online Campaign

July 09, 2012   |   ShareThis

The global fertilizer industry has launched a new online campaign called “Roots for Growth”, highlighting the important role fertilizers play in addressing global food security responsibly, efficiently and sustainably.

Led by a network of the world’s leading fertilizer industry associations including The Fertilizer Institute, International Fertilizer Industry Association and Canadian Fertilizer Institute, “Roots for Growth” seeks to encourage greater dialogue and to foster further opportunities for partnerships with key partners around the world, including farmers, environmental leaders, agronomists, scientists and governments.

The Mosaic Company believes in better crop yields and a healthier environment and is committed to supporting the Roots for Growth campaign.  As the campaign highlights, food grown with fertilizer is already nourishing billions of people and helping to improve their diets every year, but there is still work to be done.

The campaign includes an array of new online materials, aimed at informing policy debates and encouraging dialogue. The “Roots for Growth” campaign website and materials are available at: