MicroEssentials® Video Explains Need for Season-long Sulfur Nutrition
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MicroEssentials® Video Explains Need for Season-long Sulfur Nutrition

August 16, 2012   |   ShareThis

When soil lacks vital nutrients, crop yields suffer. Recent sulfur reductions in rainfall are depriving soil of this essential crop nutrient once provided by nature—creating a greater need for balanced crop nutrition programs.

Farmers and distributors can learn how to supply soil with the right ratio of sulfur at the right time using new fertilizer technology in The Mosaic Company’s video, “MicroEssentials® -- Season-Long Sulfur Availability.”

Mosaic’s MicroEssentials fertilizer with patented Fusion technology delivers a precise ratio of nutrients to the soil, including two forms of sulfur—sulfate and elemental, for improved plant growth early in the season and sustained plant productivity through harvest.

Mosaic’s innovative MicroEssentials fertilizer is one facet of how we’re working to help the world grow the food it needs. Mosaic is committed to educating growers and supporting customers through tools that inform assets and manage balanced crop nutrition needs. Visit our “Knowledge Center” for more resources, or contact a Mosaic MicroEssentials dealer.