The Summer 2012 Issue of Market Mosaic is Now Available
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The Summer 2012 Issue of Market Mosaic is Now Available

September 21, 2012   |   ShareThis

This issue of Market Mosaic – titled “Weatherman (and Analyst) Needed” – examines how this summer’s extreme weather events may play out in agricultural commodity and crop nutrient markets during the 2012-2013 crop nutrient year.

Mosaic draws three main conclusions from this analysis. 

  • First, despite current harvest pressures, it looks to us like there is the potential for more fireworks in agricultural commodity markets due to several factors including the likelihood that this year’s much-smaller-than-expected global harvest may get even smaller by the time final estimates are in the books.
  • Second, recent developments in agricultural commodity markets look like a big net positive for phosphate and potash demand in 2012-2013.
  • Finally, despite the prospect of record demand and stronger fundamentals next year, a repeat of 2008-like spikes in phosphate and potash prices looks unlikely at this point.

In addition to this issue of Market Mosaic, the Market and Strategic Analysis group has recently launched a series of Market Alerts on our website.  Several alerts ranging from a recap of monthly U.S. phosphate and North American potash statistics to weekly price dashboards are now available. Continue to check back for updated and current market information.