Our Vision for Tackling the Challenge of Feeding a Growing World
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Our Vision for Tackling the Challenge of Feeding a Growing World

October 24, 2012   |   ShareThis

At The Mosaic Company, we work diligently to realize the full potential of our mineral assets—from initial potash and phosphate mining at our facilities, to formulating the most effective crop nutrients in the industry for our customers.

As global population grows, we realize the sense of urgency needed to support food security. Our more than 8,000 world-wide employees are meeting the multidimensional challenge of helping the world grow the food it needs by:

  • drawing on Mosaic’s experience and expertise to strengthen our vision,
  • build sustainable practices into every aspect of our business,
  • develop our work force talent,
  • and continue to keep our promises to customers—from distribution to on-the-farm agronomy.

“Customers in different global regions with distinct growing conditions—understandably have different needs,” said Jay Sharma, Sales Manager for Mosaic India. “But it’s always impressive to me that the same core qualities that customers value in places like North America are equally valued by customers in my part of the world.”

From Iowa to India, our business development is motivated by a desire to help the world grow the food it needs through a commitment to sustainability, innovation and stewardship.

“Mosaic promotes ethics and transparency, encourages self-development and innovation, and challenges me to stay ahead of market dynamics, as well as understand the broader role we play in global agriculture,” Sharma said. “As an employee, I’m inspired to find new ways to bring more value to our customers every day. It’s the kind of business ethic that translates to any part of the world.”

Watch a short video about Mosaic’s powerful combination of assets, talent, innovation and global reach in the crop nutrient industry.