Video: Reclaiming Every Acre of Phosphate-Mined Land
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Video: Reclaiming Every Acre of Phosphate-Mined Land

November 19, 2012   |   ShareThis

Balancing the needs of global agriculture, communities and ecosystems isn’t just good business—it’s integral to furthering quality of life.

At Mosaic, our respect for the earth is central to the way we do business. Each of our mine sites is a temporary use of land that will become home to a variety of wildlife and land uses—from lakes and wetlands to surrounding forests, scrub, prairies and pastures.

Mosaic Florida Phosphates operations reclaim every acre of land we mine, with an emphasis on the connectivity of natural systems to ensure viable ecosystems and to maximize biodiversity. In 2011, we mined 2,255 acres of phosphate reserves and reclaimed 6,474 acres of Central Florida land.

Watch the video, "For Generations to Come: Mosaic's Commitment to the Land," to see firsthand the reclamation efforts that help make our phosphate rock one of the most responsibly sourced minerals in the world.

Learn more about Mosaic‘s environmental sustainability practices.