Pursuit of 300's Unfenced Magazine Volume 3 Now Available
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Pursuit of 300's Unfenced Magazine Volume 3 Now Available

April 03, 2013   |   ShareThis

Farmers are constantly thinking about the future, especially when the calendar turns toward spring. It's an exciting time: land is prepared, seed is in storage, and planting is about to begin.

For the third edition of Unfenced, Mosaic spoke with futurists, research agronomists, industry marketers and technology companies. While each offered a specific view, the one theme that carried through every discussion was a simple one: optimism.

Whether it's for this season or five years down the road, whether you are just starting out as a farmer or if you're working side by side with your grandchilden — the future of agriculture is bright.

We will continue to help feed the world, we will continue to advance on the road to higher yields, and we will make smart business decisions for today and tomorrow.

View the Unfenced Magazine Volume 3 (PDF).

Agronomists and Farmers Begin Second Pursuit of 300 Season

At The Mosaic Company, we've also been thinking a lot about the future — and the second season of the Pursuit of 300 initiative. Our Mosaic agronomy experts have jointly developed crop plans with each Pursuit Farmer, and their retailer, for their Pursuit Fields. We are also getting ready to plant our 2013 research plots around the Corn belt. We take a long view, because the future is not just what we'll do this season, but what we're doing to protect the abiding potential of the land and the agriculture industry.

View www.pursuitof300.com for more information.