Mosaic Sponsors Agriculture "Conservation in Action" Tour
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Mosaic Sponsors Agriculture "Conservation in Action" Tour

August 01, 2013   |   ShareThis

On July 10, 2013, a team of Mosaic employees met a special community of industry-leading farmers from Livingston, Illinois, who’ve made conservation agriculture a priority. The event was part of an on-the-farm Conservation in Action tour hosted by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to championing, promoting and providing information on technologies and sustainable agricultural systems that conserve and enhance soil, water, air and wildlife resources and are productive and profitable.

As part of this year’s tour theme, “Community 4 Conservation,” each farm showcased their involvement and progress in the Indian Creek Watershed Project—a voluntary conservation program connected to the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative.

The tour drew 250 participants, including farmers from across the U.S., EPA and USDA government groups, agriculture companies, retailers and environmental partners. Its goal was to encourage more growers and industry partners to adopt new farming practices that caring for the land, while growing more food to feed the world. 

During each tour stop, participating farmers and researchers provided firsthand accounts of how they’re balancing good stewardship with good economics through techniques like:

  • Cover crops and no-till cropping systems
  • Rotational grazing systems, animal genetics and health
  • Filter strips to manage nutrient and pesticide runoff
  • Buffer strips for erosion control, runoff prevention and enhanced wildlife habitat
  • Drainage water management
  • Water quality testing

As a renewing sponsor of the third annual Conservation in Action tour, Mosaic continued its partnership with the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), which complements its other financial support of programs that provide technical and financial assistance to crop producers addressing local water quality concerns.

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