Ag Teacher Shares Mosaic-Sponsored CASE Experience
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Ag Teacher Shares Mosaic-Sponsored CASE Experience

October 04, 2013   |   ShareThis

Mosaic is committed to helping teachers develop agricultural leaders of tomorrow, whether they are farmers, agronomists or policymakers. Earlier this year, Mosaic renewed a grant to the National Future Farmers of America (FFA), which included 40 scholarships for teachers from 15 states, particularly Florida and Louisiana, to attend Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) Institutes this past summer.

One scholarship award winner, Amy Green, Agriscience Teacher at Florien High School in Florien, La., is excited to bring her CASE experience back to the classroom this fall. “I am currently teaching the Natural Resource and Ecology (NRE) curriculum with a class of 19 students,” said Green. “We are researching various biomes across the globe.”

Green was already certified in the CASE Agriculture, Food, and Nature Resource (AFNR) curriculum and became a certified Lead Teacher in the summer of 2012. She used her 2013 scholarship to become certified in the CASE Plant Science and Natural Resources and Ecology (NRE) curriculum.

“I love the CASE model because it’s much more science-based than traditional agriculture resources curriculum. With almost every lesson, students are hands-on with an experiment or research,” she said. “With this new curriculum, students will be able to achieve more both in the classroom and in the workforce.”

At Mosaic, we know that lasting success comes from making smart choices about our stewardship of the environment and Green shares that dedication. “It’s one of the primary themes of my teaching,” she said. “Students are asked to think about what they are building for the future and what will be left behind for their children. We have a responsibility to provide for future generations.”

Amy Green is thinking about her future, as well. “I would like to continue as a CASE Lead Teacher. I believe as teachers, we should never stop learning and I learn most effectively by sharing ideas with other teachers. In the near future, I would like to earn a master’s degree and eventually pursue a Ph.D.”

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