Mosaic Helps Habitat for Humanity Build 63 Homes in Saskatchewan
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Mosaic Helps Habitat for Humanity Build 63 Homes in Saskatchewan

December 11, 2013   |   ShareThis

The Mosaic Company’s donation will help 100 families with more than 300 children move into new Habitat for Humanity homes in southern Saskatchewan through 2015.

Stable housing provides more than a roof and basic shelter. It is a critical factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Habitat for Humanity announced today that it will build 63 new homes in southern Saskatchewan over the next two years through a $1 million donation from The Mosaic Company. With this funding, 100 families with more than 300 children will have a house to call their own. This donation is the largest corporate donation Habitat for Humanity has received in the province to date.

“Our partnership with Mosaic will deliver affordable homeownership on a scale unprecedented in the history of Habitat in Saskatchewan,” said Rob Gartner, Chief Operating Officer of Habitat for Humanity Regina. “Together we are creating lasting change, for the families moving into their new homes and generations to follow.”

The announcement was made at an event in Regina. Mosaic and Habitat celebrated the partnership by hosting a gathering for local leaders, employees, Habitat volunteers and Habitat homeowner families.

Video: Leaders and homeowners discuss how Habitat homes help the community


Mosaic’s partnership with Habitat began in 2007 with an initial donation of $450,000 to build 37 homes in communities where the company operates. This new donation will bring the total to 100 homes built together.

“Our donation is an investment in the health and livelihoods of our neighbors in the communities where we live and work,” said Joc O’Rourke, Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer of The Mosaic Company. “A new Habitat for Humanity home offers dignity, pride and community support to families and individuals working to overcome economic challenges and live well.”

Additionally, Mosaic employees have actively volunteered on home build projects—with 200 individuals logging more than 2,100 volunteer hours in the last 18 months.

Community impact by the numbers:

  • Mosaic’s $1 million gift will help build 63 more homes across the province where Mosaic operates, bringing the total to 100 homes by 2015.
  • Mosaic’s funding will give provide each new build with $15,000.
  • With this funding, 100 families with over 300 children will have a house to call their own.
  • In 2007, Mosaic gave Habitat for Humanity $450,000 to build 37 homes in Regina, Moose Jaw, Yorkton and Saskatoon—funding $12,100 per each house built.
  • Due to Mosaic’s partnership, 37 families with approximately 105 children sleeping safer and growing up in new homes.
  • The Government of Saskatchewan supported Habitat Regina with $2 million this year.
  • For the last intake session that was held in July 2013 there were over 75 applications with only 12 homes being built in Regina that year.
  • Habitat Regina and its chapters are working towards sustaining the building of 25 homes annually, 20 in Regina and 5 in surrounding areas with chapters affiliated with Regina.
  • Habitat is working towards a Habitat Village in Regina which will be situated at the former Haultain school site; this village will house nine families.
  • Over 40 houses have been built in North Central Regina since 2007.