Aspire™ Now Available at Select Retail Locations
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Aspire™ Now Available at Select Retail Locations

February 14, 2014   |   ShareThis

The Mosaic Company’s premium line of fertilizer products has been expanded to include Aspire™, a new kind of K. Aspire with Boron is a micronutrient-enhanced potash granular fertilizer, proven to increase yields.

Aspire is formulated to meet the growing need for micronutrients in crops like corn, soybeans, alfalfa and cotton. Using Nutriform™ technology, Aspire with Boron combines potassium and boron in each granule, allowing uniform distribution of both nutrients across every acre.

Boron plays a key role in the reproductive process of plants, which is critical for high yields. The micronutrient also improves heat and drought stress tolerance, crop quality and pollination. Still, boron deficiency is the second most prevalent in the world.
As a foundational, soil-applied product, Aspire with Boron nourishes plants at the root level, ensuring nutrients are available when and where the plant needs them most: during critical growth stages.

Aspire is currently available at select US retailer locations. For more information about Aspire, visit

Video: Aspire, a New Potash Premium Product