The Mosaic Company Contributes $50,000 in Support of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
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The Mosaic Company Contributes $50,000 in Support of Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

July 28, 2015   |   ShareThis

The Mosaic Company announced a new partnership with Desert Willow Veterinary Services today, contributing $50,000 in support of its wildlife rehabilitation center.

The proposed facility will be outfitted with equipment and services to increase the ability to care for wildlife that are orphaned, injured or ill. It will also serve as an educational resource as specialized programming will be developed to highlight the importance of wildlife to the local ecosystem.

“Being a thoughtful and engaged neighbor means conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way,” said Don Purvis, General Manager of Mosaic’s Carlsbad Operations. “This investment reflects our focus on delivering industry-leading sustainability performance by ensuring our community has the required facilities, equipment and services to serve all native wildlife in need of care.”

The current veterinary clinic provides care for over 50 different species of birds and more than15 different species of mammals, as well as reptiles and amphibians. As the facility expands, it is anticipated that the caseload will increase from 600 to an upwards of 1,500 animals per year within the next 10 years.

“A full-scale wildlife rehabilitation center has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I am very excited to see that dream become a reality. My team and I appreciate the support we receive from Mosaic and its people as we further our sustainability and rehabilitation efforts,” said Dr. Samantha Uhrig, Desert Willow Veterinary Services. “It’s important to our stakeholders that we develop strong and meaningful relationships with local industries. Our partnership with Mosaic is a great example of what can be accomplished when we come together to achieve a common goal.”

Mosaic has worked closely with Dr. Uhrig and her team to manage wildlife on and near the Carlsbad Operations since 2008. During that time, the site’s Wildlife Hazers, an internal wildlife protection program, have been recognized as one of the most innovative and effective protection programs in North America.

Mosaic puts great emphasis on environmental sensitivity and builds sustainable practices into every part of its business. Learn more about Mosaic’s values and commitment to sustainability at