With Abundant Thanks: CEO Jim Prokopanko Retires
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With Abundant Thanks: CEO Jim Prokopanko Retires

August 05, 2015   |   ShareThis

It has been our great privilege to work alongside you, helping the world grow the food it needs. Your vision, dedication and leadership have defined Mosaic’s role as the world’s leading crop nutrition company.

Building the World's Leading Crop Nutrition Company

After nearly nine years at The Mosaic Company and eight years as our President and CEO, Jim Prokopanko retired today.

Jim has been a steadfast, trusted leader with an unwavering commitment to making sound decisions for our shareholders, customers, employees and the communities where we live and work. Under his leadership, Mosaic thrived, establishing a successful long-term growth strategy and leadership position in the market.

“Jim’s dedication to helping the world grow the food it needs has made a real impact, not only on our company and employees, but on the industry as a whole,” said Joc O’Rourke, Mosaic’s President and CEO effective August 5, 2015. “He has been a great leader for and advocate of the agriculture industry.”

After joining Mosaic in July 2006 as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jim became our company’s President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2007. He is the second executive to hold the CEO position since Mosaic was formed in 2004. A 35-year veteran of the agriculture industry, Jim was previously Corporate Vice President of Cargill, Inc., where he held a leadership role in the company’s agricultural and farm market-based businesses in North America, Brazil, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

“From his first day as CEO, Jim knew what he wanted Mosaic to become. He wanted to build the most talented team in this industry, and he wanted this company to be the best in the business,” said Bob Lumpkins, Chairman of The Mosaic Company Board of Directors. “He took Mosaic from its early years through to maturity and prepared it for the best years that are yet to come. In all, Jim’s years will be remembered for this great progress.”

Jim was instrumental in growing Mosaic into a world-leading company. And he was steadfast in his beliefs that sustainability and social responsibility could deliver shared value. It was Jim’s commitment to engaging our stakeholders that helped Mosaic make meaningful sustainability and environmental progress, and gain wide recognition as a leader in responsible operation. Those attributes have allowed Mosaic to lead the industry forward during the past decade.

Thanks to Jim’s remarkable legacy, we have much to build on as we achieve Mosaic’s great potential. From our mines and facilities to our offices and communities, it has been an honor to work alongside you, Jim — building a strong and bright future for generations to come.

We sincerely thank you, and wish you all the best in your retirement.

– The Mosaic Company

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