Mosaic Sponsors CTIC Conservation in Action Farm Tour
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Mosaic Sponsors CTIC Conservation in Action Farm Tour

September 03, 2015   |   ShareThis

When 250 people from 20 states gather enthusiastically for a hot August day of farm tours and bus rides, you know there must be a compelling reason. In this case, it was conservation agriculture—and in Mosaic’s fifth year as title sponsor, the CTIC Conservation in Action Tour didn’t disappoint.

The large group included farmers, crop advisors, ag retailers, agribusiness leaders, nonprofits, government agency representatives and policymakers. Participants spent the day connecting with Southeastern Minnesota farmers and leaders in conservation agriculture, enjoying a firsthand look at the diverse methods being used to protect water quality, build soil health and improve farm profitability—in a region known for its diverse geology, soil types, and conservation challenges.

Several featured speakers on the tour explained how their science-based trials and on-farm partnerships are resulting in conservation practices that deliver financial ROI and sustainability benefits for growers and local communities.

  • Bruce and Brian Peterson of Far-Gaze Farms in Northfield, Minn. shared insight into their nutrient efficiency and soil health programs.
  • Jim Purfeerst discussed his cover crop interseeding tactics.
  • Phil Maring described how his farm’s rotational grazing program enhances beef production and water protection in the challenging karst landscape near Kenyon, Minn.

Other presentations focused on the growing number of innovative tools, practices and technologies being used to accomplish conservation goals and improve soil health, while maintaining yields. From precision agriculture techniques, such as variable rate fertilizer application and mobile soil testing and analysis, to variable rate tillage, mobile apps and data collection/interpretation services, farmers have many options that support sustainable and profitable farm operations.

“We’re very pleased about the high participation and interest in the CTIC Conservation in Action Tour this year, and we’re proud to highlight the impressive conservation efforts being made by our farm neighbors in Minnesota,” says Anita Foster, Mosaic Corporate Responsibility Manager and CTIC Board Member.  “As a sustainability leader in the fertilizer industry, Mosaic supports the sustainable production and use of crop nutrients. By partnering with CTIC, we hope to educate and empower more farmers to incorporate conservation agriculture practices into their own operations.”