Mosaic Teams with Ducks Unlimited and Farmers to Enhance Water Quality, Conserve Wildlife Habitat
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Mosaic Teams with Ducks Unlimited and Farmers to Enhance Water Quality, Conserve Wildlife Habitat

February 22, 2016   |   ShareThis

At Mosaic, we’re committed to promoting on-farm best practices that improve nutrient stewardship, conserve wildlife habitat, and help farmers stay productive and profitable. To help us achieve these goals, we have partnered with two of Ducks Unlimited’s projects in Western Canada and the southeastern United States.

Helping U.S. Rice Producers Sustainably Increase Production, Conserve Wildlife Habitats

As the most widely consumed grain, rice helps to sustain about half the world’s population. In addition, rice agriculture in the Southeastern U.S. provides managed wetland resources for North America’s waterfowl population and other at-risk wildlife species. These wetlands also help preserve water quality locally and downstream by capturing crop nutrients and sediment that might otherwise enter rivers and lakes.

The Mosaic Company Foundation recently committed to support on-farm improvements for rice growers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri. Through Ducks Unlimited’s Rice Stewardship Partnership, producers in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley will have the opportunity to increase sustainability and profitability on their farms.

“The Mosaic Company Foundation is proud to partner with Ducks Unlimited in multiple geographies across North America,” said Mark Kaplan, Board President of The Mosaic Company Foundation and Senior Vice President – Public Affairs at The Mosaic Company. “Helping farmers strengthen their nutrient stewardship practices and conserving habitats will improve agricultural sustainability while still meeting the growing global demand for food.”

With a practice list of 21 measures that protect and improve water quality, the Rice Stewardship Partnership will help farmers directly address nutrient management practices that improve water quality in the Mississippi River.

Winter Wheat in Western Canada Helps Retain Wetlands, Improve Water Quality

Winter wheat is one of the most productive and profitable crops grown in Western Canada. It is efficient in its use of crop inputs and reduced tillage, and provides wildlife habitat for ducks and other waterfowl, making it a conservation-friendly crop.

The Mosaic Company Foundation also supports Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Western Winter Wheat Initiative, which aims to expand winter wheat production on the Canadian Prairies to two million acres. The program offers farmers expert agronomic support and funds breeding and agronomy research programs. For more details, read the press release and visit