Mosaic K3 Reaches a Major Milestone
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Mosaic K3 Reaches a Major Milestone

February 23, 2017   |   ShareThis

One of the largest shaft sinking operations of the decade at Mosaic’s newest mine, K3, located four kilometers east of the Town of Esterhazy, has reached potash at a depth of 3,350 feet. The Esterhazy K3 mine site development is the most significant project in Mosaic’s current plans for potash expansion.

To build the first new production shaft in Saskatchewan in over 50 years, Mosaic secured Hatch to design the shafts and manage the project and Associated Mining Construction (AMC) to sink the shafts. AMC utilized freezing technology to freeze the ground surrounding the shafts to a depth of 1,600 feet. This was required to control water inflow from the Blairmore Formation.

The shaft is lined with concrete and steel in various configurations based on the geology encountered. Both shafts will be used to move ore to the surface. The North shaft will have an additional hoist used to move people and materials.

Next up, mine development will start, along with continued construction of the overland conveyor system.

In 2017, Mosaic will see many of its major investments, like K3, hit significant milestones—including our joint venture in Saudi Arabia, with partners Ma’aden and SABIC, and the closing of the Vale Fertilizantes acquisition.