2016: A Record Year for EHS Performance at Mosaic
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2016: A Record Year for EHS Performance at Mosaic

March 02, 2017   |   ShareThis

2016 was another record year for safety performance at Mosaic. We achieved our best annual recordable incident frequency rate (RIFR) in company history—with a 25 percent improvement from our results in 2015. We also continued to make progress in effectively using our EHS Management System to help us identify, prioritize and manage risks.

Many teams across the organization achieved significant environmental, health and safety (EHS) accomplishments. The following teams and sites deserve special recognition for accomplishments in 2016:

  • Belle Plaine had zero recordable injuries
  • Esterhazy K1 and Inflow both reached one year without a reportable incident to the Ministry of Environment
  • Our U.S. Distribution team achieved zero recordable and lost time incidents
  • Four Corners, Florida, completed the year without a reportable environmental
  • South Fort Meade, Florida completed the year without a reportable environmental

And we elevated the “E” in EHS by improving our environmental performance in 2016. We had three fewer reportable environmental incidents in 2016 than in 2015. Despite this progress, we still have work to do to help us reach our environmental goals. We continue to manage through the New Wales water loss incident, and are taking the appropriate steps to mitigate the environmental impact and manage ongoing operational complexities.

Our record safety performance in 2016 is an excellent indicator of our overall strong performance, and a positive shift in the way we proactively plan for and manage risks.