When Innovation Meets Conservation
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When Innovation Meets Conservation

March 15, 2017   |   ShareThis

Mosaic is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and operating sustainably.

To direct our actions, we have set Sustainability Targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy and fresh water use across the company by 10 per cent per tonne by 2020.

Another sustainable practice we use at Mosaic is recycling or reusing discarded materials from our operations. In Belle Plaine, pipe caps become waste material from their drilling activities.

The Belle Plaine team found an innovative way to repurpose the drill caps by donating 125 of them to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for use at the Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area in southwestern Saskatchewan. This is one of the NCC’s flagship projects for protecting remaining intact native grasslands.

The caps are used to cover hollow fence posts to prevent small birds from falling inside. The fence is used for managing sustainable cattle grazing and for the herd of plains bison on the property.
“The metal fencing posts are hollow and pose a risk to juvenile birds as they can fall into the hollow posts and die as a result,” said Cody Barnett, Director of Development and Communications, Saskatchewan Region with Nature Conservancy of Canada. “These caps donated by Mosaic were installed by conservation volunteers and help keep the birds safe.”

Mosaic also supports the NCC’s volunteer program. Mosaic employees have taken part in the program on several occasions.