The Mosaic Company Celebrates "The Next 50" in Esterhazy
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The Mosaic Company Celebrates "The Next 50" in Esterhazy

May 03, 2017   |   ShareThis

The Mosaic Company welcomed special guests to the Saskatchewan Potash Interpretive Centre Wednesday to mark a significant milestone for their multi-billion dollar K3 potash project.

For the past five years, Mosaic and its shaft sinking partners, Hatch and AMC, have worked to complete two production shafts near Esterhazy. On February 16, 2017, 3,350 feet below surface, the shafts reached potash.

“K3 is the foundation of Mosaic’s future for potash production in Saskatchewan. Not only will it be a world-class operation, it drastically reduces our cost and risk profile,” said Joc O’Rourke, Mosaic’s President and CEO. “This milestone marks a literal ‘turning point’ for the project, moving from vertical shaft sinking to horizontal mine development.”

Wednesday’s event brought members of Mosaic’s Senior Leadership Team, Hatch’s President and CEO, John Bianchini, local stakeholders and employees together. The celebration included tours of the K3 surface and underground operations.

The milestone is not only historic for Mosaic, but also for Saskatchewan. The K3 production shafts are the first to be sunk in the province in nearly 50 years. Upon completion of K3, Mosaic’s Esterhazy operation is expected to be the largest, most competitive underground potash mine in the world. The project highlights Mosaic’s long-term commitment to Esterhazy and the sustainability of Saskatchewan’s potash industry.

“We have a long and proud legacy here. For more than fifty years, we’ve managed to overcome great challenges and find success underground in Esterhazy. We’re ready for the next fifty and beyond,” adds O’Rourke.

To highlight the Company’s commitment to Esterhazy and area, Mosaic announced funding for three local organizations. Three $50,000 grants will support projects at the Esterhazy High School, Langenburg Activity Centre and recreation facility improvements in the community of Churchbridge.

Mine development and installation of the overland conveyor system to transport ore from K3 to the current K1 and K2 mills is currently underway. Work on the project is expected to continue into 2024.