Deeper, Wider Channel Means Improved Safety and Efficiencies
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Deeper, Wider Channel Means Improved Safety and Efficiencies

July 10, 2017   |   ShareThis

June 20, 2017, was a historic day for Mosaic's Supply Chain as Port Tampa Bay's Board of Directors unanimously approved plans to deepen and widen the Big Bend Channel. After securing state and federal funding from the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Florida DOT, Port Tampa Bay, Mosaic and TECO have also pledged financial support, putting this project on a fast track to success.

Corrine Ricard, Mosaic Senior Vice President – Commercial, spoke at the meeting in support of the project and highlighted how deepening the channel from 34 feet to 43 feet will enhance Mosaic’s operational efficiency and ability to load larger vessels and ensure greater navigational safety. These are critical factors in managing our transportation costs in a globally competitive business environment.

Kudos to all those Mosaic employees who worked over many years to make this project a reality!