Keeping STARS in the Saskatchewan Sky
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Keeping STARS in the Saskatchewan Sky

July 13, 2017   |   ShareThis

The Mosaic Company announced another $2.5 million in funding to partner STARS Air Ambulance as they celebrate five years of operations in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is known for its unhindered views from its flat, far-reaching skyline, so when a bright red helicopter takes to the sky, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

For the past five years, STARS air ambulance has been providing emergency transport for critically ill and injured people. Last year, their highly skilled team of pilots and flight nurses flew over 1,000 flights.

In 2011, the idea to bring the service to a province with a deeply dispersed population with fewer and fewer medical centers reached a tipping point—and companies like Mosaic led the way, helping STARS take flight.

On April 6, 2011, Mosaic announced a $5.5 million grant to STARS to help build the Regina base and support the development of an emergency medical helicopter service for the first time in Saskatchewan.

“Mosaic partners with organizations that enhance the sustainability of our business and the communities where we operate,” says Mosaic’s Senior Vice President, Potash – Bruce Bodine. “Our potash operations are located in rural Saskatchewan, and our employees reside in many small communities that benefit from the addition of this service. If an incident were to happen at one of our facilities or a nearby community, we know that STARS is ready to help,” he adds.

Mosaic has invested over $20 million into Saskatchewan healthcare facilities and programs like the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, the Mosaic Heart Centre (Regina), St. Anthony’s Hospital (Esterhazy), F.H. Wigmore Hospital (Moose Jaw), Saskatoon City Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital (Saskatoon) and the Yorkton Regional Hospital.

STARS links many of these facilities together – completing the cycle of care and emergency services for the people of Saskatchewan.

Mosaic’s renewed financial support demonstrates its commitment to investing in the things that matter most to the communities where they operate.

“STARS is a world-class organization, and they continue to deliver on their important mission. The average flight costs $5,400—it takes the combined effort of government, corporations like Mosaic and individuals to keep the service going,” says Bodine.

After five years of operations, nearly everyone knows someone who has been touched by STARS.

“Many of our employees share personal stories of family members or friends that have used STARS. When they see the helicopter in the sky, they are proud to know that the company they work for helps make it possible,” he adds.

This investment will continue to support STARS as they provide their services on a 24/7 basis—now and in the future.

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