Mosaic Premium Products—Get to Know Them
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Mosaic Premium Products—Get to Know Them

July 25, 2017   |   ShareThis

We’ve heard it before—60 percent of crop yields depend on soil fertility. As pressure grows for the world’s famers to meet the nutritional demands of a quickly growing population, so does the importance of maximizing production.

So it’s no surprise that at Mosaic, we see significant value, and opportunity, in providing the most innovative, and effective, crop nutrition products to help sustainably increase yields and meet these growing demands.

This is where our premium products—like MicroEssentials®, Aspire® and K-Mag®—come into play. Mosaic’s portfolio of premium fertilizer products matches the sophistication of today's most advanced plant genetics, crop protection and equipment technologies.

And they can be real game-changers for Mosaic, our retail customers and farmers around the world.

Premium Products: Shared Value for Mosaic, our Retail Customers and Farmers

Our premium products deliver real, additional value for Mosaic, our retailer customers and farmers when compared to other commodity fertilizer alternatives.

For Mosaic, our premium products play a crucial role in helping us accomplish our mission of helping the world grow the food it needs. By using our premium products and balanced crop nutrition, farmers are able to achieve higher yields—ultimately helping to feed a growing world. Plus, they allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors—moving us away from pure commodity production—by providing significant premiums over phosphate and potash.

Our retail customers also recognize significant value from selling Mosaic’s differentiated, premium products. By providing them a higher profit margin, our retail customers are able to make investments that in turn help them grow their business. It’s no wonder they feel a leading edge in the competitive crop nutrition marketplace.

And for farmers, premium products help increase yields in a sustainable way. As an example—MicroEssentials® SZ applied to corn provides 8.8 more bushels per acre than DAP and 7.2 bushels per acre more than MAP fertilizer. Growers are able to use the ROI Calculators on our product websites to get a better idea of the additional revenue and yields they could achieve by using our premium products. As global demand for food continues to grow, these increases in yields can make a real difference.

Get to Know Mosaic’s Premium Products

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at our premium products. Specifically, MicroEssentials, Aspire and K-Mag. Each one has its own purpose, and provides unique value for our retail customers and farmers.

We hope that at the end of the campaign, you’ll have a better understanding of what our premium products are, and how they will help us win in the long-term.