Partnering with The Nature Conservancy in Florida
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Partnering with The Nature Conservancy in Florida

September 06, 2017   |   ShareThis

At The Mosaic Company, we want farmers to achieve maximum plant nutrition and yield benefits from our crop nutrition products. To help ensure they are able to do this sustainably, we have partnered with The Nature Conservancy since 2013. Our support to the Conservancy is helping to advance the 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship practices and help farmers increase yields while reducing agriculture’s environmental impact.

We believe this is important work to help feed the world, which is why we’re pleased to continue supporting The Nature Conservancy in southwest Florida through 2020.

When farmers implement 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices, they increase fertilizer use efficiency by considering the Right nutrient source at the Right rate, at the Right time, and in the Right place. The Conservancy works with specialty crop producers on 4R adoption in DeSoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee and Polk counties, where Mosaic has offices or operations. Together with farmers, we are working to achieve increased implementation of farming best management practices, reduced nutrient loss, and improved water quality for all Floridians.

Meet David Royal: Helping Farmers Achieve 4R Results

Florida is the second-largest domestic producer of market vegetables, which require considerable labor and management. Enter the Conservancy agronomist: David Royal. David serves as Florida Nutrient Stewardship Project Manager, working with farmers to build awareness and understanding of how 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices can play key roles in achieving maximum yields.

David shares his experience working with one Manatee County farmer who supplies leafy greens to restaurants and grocery stores. Through a pilot project with the Conservancy, David and the farmer identified an opportunity to implement the 4R practice of “right place” on three 30-acre cabbage plots. Rather than applying nutrients uniformly across the fields, the farmer “banded”—which means the fertilizer was applied in a band below the soil surface. This seemingly small change led to increased nutrient uptake, 13 percent increased yield, and reduced nutrient loss to the environment.

By continuing to work with the Conservancy, the farmer hopes to continue using the 4Rs to further improve nutrient use efficacy and increase yields throughout the 2017 growing season.

Mosaic proudly supports the 4Rs and The Nature Conservancy’s work in Florida.