Hurricane Irma Recovery: Coming Together to Support Our Employees & Our Communities
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Hurricane Irma Recovery: Coming Together to Support Our Employees & Our Communities

October 06, 2017   |   ShareThis

Mosaic and our employees have come together over the past few weeks to provide support for hurricane Irma recovery – not just at home and at work, but also in our local communities.

Supporting our Employees

Many Mosaic employees in Florida are dealing with personal property damage and loss after Hurricane Irma. To provide immediate support, Mosaic and teams across the company worked together to provide generators, tarps, plywood, water and other basic supplies for employees in need. Watch this video to see our team members in action.

In addition to providing immediate relief, Mosaic employees—in Florida and around the world—wanted to do more. We are pleased to announce the Mosaic Employee-to-Employee Assistance Fund, which was created to assist Mosaic employees most impacted by disasters, such as Hurricane Irma. We are exploring possibilities to expand the purpose of the Fund in the future.

The Mosaic Company Foundation provided $50,000 in seed funding, and pre-pledges to date have lifted the Fund over $80,000. Mosaic employees can show their support via this donation website.

Supporting our Communities

On September 9, The Mosaic Company Foundation announced a $100,000 contribution for disaster relief and emergency response efforts in Florida in advance of Hurricane Irma's impact. Since then, Mosaic has also donated generators and other critical supplies to local organizations that are helping communities in need recover. Many of our Florida employees have also volunteered at community events to ensure those most impacted by the storm have access to food, water and other necessities.

Together – we are making a difference for each other and for the Florida communities where we live and work. Thank you Mosaic employees!