A Successful Year for The Mosaic Institute in Brazil
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A Successful Year for The Mosaic Institute in Brazil

October 10, 2017   |   ShareThis

At Mosaic, we understand that our business and our communities are indelibly linked. In Brazil, The Mosaic Institute works to put our community investment strategy of investing in local communities into action. Since 2008, The Institute has been partnering with local industry associations, nonprofit groups and stakeholders to help strengthen communities. The Institute believes that being a good neighbor means working alongside local community partners who hold the answers to the most pressing issues impacting the community.

To help guide its work, and ensure the Institute has the most impact on the communities it serves, the Institute focuses its programs on three areas:

Mosaic Educa—aims to improve educational opportunities available in public primary schools in the municipalities where Mosaic is present.
Mosaic Diálogos—a program that identifies, recruits and trains local community leaders to partner with other likeminded organizations by creating local committees to promote community development.
Mosaic Transforma—offers supplementary education for adults and youths to develop their professional skills to help generate income through technical courses.

To share the success of the Institute’s initiatives, the team in Brazil creates an annual report. The 2016 Report—which captures success stories from the year—is now available. Highlights from the Institute’s work in 2016 include:

To learn more about the work of The Mosaic Institute in 2016, check out the entire Report.