Celebrating 10 Years of Krishi Jyoti
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Celebrating 10 Years of Krishi Jyoti

June 05, 2018   |   ShareThis

The Imperative for Smallholder Farmers in India

Smallholder farmers – those with less than 25 acres – work 90 percent of the world’s farms. Many of these farmers are food insecure, struggling to earn a living or feed their own families. In India, average yields are 50 to 70 percent lower than yields of top global producers.

With the world's ever-growing population, helping smallholder farmers increase their yields is imperative.

Krishi Jyoti Project

Since 2008, the Mosaic Villages Project in India – a partnership led by Mosaic, the Sehgal Foundation and The Mosaic Company Foundation – has helped close the yield gap by providing modern agricultural tools and products. The project’s Krishi Jyoti, or “enlightened agriculture,” initiative equips smallholder farmers with modern agricultural inputs and practices. Krishi Jyoti takes a people-centered approach, bringing community leaders together to leverage Mosaic’s agronomic and business expertise and the Sehgal Foundation’s proven approach to sustainable community development. Krishi Jyoti focuses its community-led transformation efforts through three primary drivers: agriculture, water and education. Mosaic also works hands-on with local farmers, teaching better agricultural and crop nutrition practices.

Celebrating 10 Years of Success

After 10 years, the Krishi Jyoti project is proving to transform communities. Through our partner, the Sehgal Foundation, we are helping to transform communities by focusing on agriculture, water and education. What began with two villages in rural India has grown to serve more than 60 villages, reaching 40,000 people and covering more than 16,000 acres. Farmers participating in the project have seen yields increase by 20-30 percent, providing increased income. Check dams are capturing and storing rainwater to replenish the underground water table. And more children are receiving an education in a safe and healthy environment.

To truly understand the impact Krishi Jyoti has had on the communities it serves, watch this video:

To recognize the past 10 years of success of the Krishi Jyoti project, Mosaic leaders spent a few days visiting some of the villages participating in the program. From joining the inauguration of a new check dam to officially opening a revitalized school, they were able to see firsthand the impact Krishi Jyoti is having on participating villages.

Recognizing Outstanding Research in Plant Nutrition

Additionally, Mosaic leaders joined Dr. Suri Sehgal of the Sehgal Foundation and other special guests to present two research awards—the “Young Scientist Award” and “Outstanding Doctoral Research” award. The two awards recognize outstanding research, innovation and outreach in the area of crop nutrition.

Dr. Abir Dey was awarded the Outstanding Doctoral Research award for his research on the dynamics of soil organic matter.

Two Young Scientist awards were given. One was presented to Dr. Singh for his contributions in the area of soil fertility and soil health restoration through site-specific nutrient management. The second was awarded to Dr. Pratap Bhattacharyya for his research on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in soil-plant system, greenhouse gas emission, carbon sequestration and nutrient management in rice based cropping systems.

At the awards ceremony, Corrine Ricard, VP--Commercial, announced that Mosaic will be extending our partnership with the Sehgal Foundation for another three years.

“It takes a true long-standing partnership, like the one we have with the Sehgal Foundation, to elevate our impact and deliver the results we have seen through the Krishi Jyoti project,” said Ricard. “We look forward to a continued, successful collaboration with village communities through the Krishi Jyoti project as we move forward together.”

The Krishi Jyoti project truly is an example of Mosaic living its mission to help the world grow the food it needs.