Mosaic China Launches New Facility
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Mosaic China Launches New Facility

December 13, 2018   |   ShareThis

In accordance with the requirement of Yantai government urban planning, Mosaic Yantai plant (YMF) completed relocation last month.

YMF has produced and sold more than 1.6 million mt of product in the past 18 years since forming in 2000. Mosaic China also recently announced their latest safety milestone of 6,000 days without a recordable injury.

The new facility has a number of exciting features and capabilities, including an advanced Soil Lab as the YMF team tests up to 1,200 soil samples annually as part of work to establish and promote the concept of balanced crop nutrition in China. The 25,000-sq. ft. plant is also equipped with a modernized logistics tracking system to continue cultivating safer, more efficient operations.

The new facility is still located in Yantai port after relocation, and the YMF team will be able to take full advantage of logistics and transportation of port-centered industry, in combination of Mosaic China blending and compaction capacity, to play a positive role on international trade shipment.