Helping U.S. Veterans Transition to Civilian Life
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Helping U.S. Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

November 08, 2019   |   ShareThis

Jodi represented Mosaic at an American Corporate Partners event in Washington D.C. along with 45 representatives from other top corporate sponsors. The representatives worked with Second Lady Karen Pence and her team on military spouse employment issues.

After the 9/11 attacks, Jodi Burnstein, IT Project Management Consultant at Mosaic, immediately felt moved to help veterans however she could.

It took a while for Jodi to identify the perfect way to help veterans that would feel the most impactful, but once she found American Corporate Partners (ACP) two years ago, she knew immediately what she wanted to do. ACP provides a mentorship program for veterans to learn how to adjust to corporate life after serving in the military. With Jodi’s many years of corporate experience, it was a great fit.

ACP mentors provide guidance about tactical challenges (such as writing a resume and interview skills) as well as more abstract challenges, such as corporate culture and a hierarchy that is much less concrete than that of a military setting. “The military is very structured,” Jodi said, “and it’s difficult sometimes back at home from serving to know where to go next.”

Alongside dozens of other Fortune 500 companies, Mosaic now proudly sponsors 25 ACP mentorships within our business to participate.

Jodi has found the mentorship program to be rewarding. Her first mentee (called protégé in ACP) was a veteran named Luke. Over the course of a year, Jodi was able to help Luke “soul search” what he wanted to do next in his career after serving.

“The main thing for me is, here’s a man who served my country,” Jodi said, “and here’s one small thing I can do for him.”