The 11 Years of the Krishi Jyoti Project
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The 11 Years of the Krishi Jyoti Project

December 23, 2019   |   ShareThis

More than 8,000 miles away from our headquarters is a project that’s close to home for us as a company. When the Krishi Jyoti project began in 2008, made possible by a partnership among Mosaic, The Mosaic Company Foundation and S M Sehgal Foundation, we couldn’t have known the level of success it would show in 11 years.

Krishi Jyoti’s model includes three approaches to address improved quality of life: water management, education and agriculture. India is home to 1/7th of the world’s population, and strong agricultural productivity is critical to the country’s economic stability. But smallholder farmers struggle to produce enough food on small parcels of land. The majority of these farmers have less than two hectares (less than five acres). While rural villages may lack resources, they have strong communities and motivated leaders. Krishi Jyoti addresses agricultural productivity through community-led solutions.

By the numbers, more than 60,000 smallholder farmers in the last 11 years have benefited in 85 India villages, with an average yield increase of 18-35% in wheat, mustard, pearl millet and cotton. Some growers have even seen yield increase by 45%.

Krishi Jyoti has also made possible the renovation of 27 schools. In the water management side, 11 check-dams have been constructed, with a total storage capacity of 38.6 million gallons, which support ground water recharge that communities use for irrigation.

By no means are we calling the work complete, however. In 2020, plans will continue to expand the Krishi Jyoti program to reach more farmers and communities in India.

Learn more about Krishi Jyoti and other hunger-driven initiatives and S M Sehgal Foundation.