Mosaic Breaks Ground for New Florida Headquarters
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Mosaic Breaks Ground for New Florida Headquarters

March 13, 2009   |   ShareThis

When completed in spring 2010, the new headquarters will employ state-of-the-art "green" building materials and will be at the forefront of a commercial and residential Village Center in the emerging community of Circa FishHawk. The groundbreaking was co-hosted by Ryan Companies, developer and contractor for the building, and FishHawk developer Newland Communities. Attending the 9 a.m. ceremony were approximately 75 public officials, local business leaders, media, and executives from Mosaic, Ryan and Newland.
Speakers included Mosaic President and CEO Jim Prokopanko, Hillsborough County Commission Chairman Ken Hagan, and senior officials from the two development companies, who spoke of the important economic, employment and environmental benefits the building will bring to the Tampa Bay area. And, as with all true groundbreaking ceremonies, a host of participants in hard hats put their shovels to the ground and turned up a little bit of dirt, followed by enthusiastic cheering. A Mosaic employee ambassador from each of the four Mosaic offices that will feed into the new building also participated in the ceremony.
During his comments, Prokopanko discussed how Mosaic and its predecessors have been partners in the region's economic growth and development since the 1920s. "In all of our local operations--whether we're mining phosphate or manufacturing fertilizer--we take our role in sustainable development and environmental stewardship very seriously. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the plans for our new headquarters--designed to be one of the greenest buildings in the region."

Prokopanko also reminded attendees of the importance of Mosaic's phosphate business to the global food supply. "With six billion people living across the globe already--and another two-and-a-half billion predicted by 2040--commercial fertilizer will be even more critical to maintaining an adequate food supply. Simply put, our products are not a luxury--they are a crucial element in the struggle to feed the world's growing population."

Prokopanko closed by recognizing Mosaic's Headquarters Steering Committee members and other company participants for bringing the project to life, and expressed his pride in the company's commitment to being a prominent and active contributor to the FishHawk community and its "smart growth" standards.