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Who We Are

The United Nations estimates that world population will climb from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050, and increasing global prosperity means more demand for meat—and for the grain to feed cattle, pigs and chickens raised for food. For that many human beings to thrive on our planet, the world’s farmers must produce more food, fuel and fiber. And they will need fertilizers to do it.

At Mosaic, our mission is to help the world grow the food it needs. By striving to produce and deliver the highest quality, most innovative crop nutrition products, we help farmers rise to the challenge.

As one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients, we deliver value from mine to market: We mine phosphate from Mosaic-owned land in Central Florida, and through our joint venture in Peru. Our joint venture in Saudi Arabia plans to yield 3 million tonnes of phosphate annually when complete, and Mosaic will market 25 percent of that production.

We mine potash in Saskatchewan and New Mexico. With those minerals we produce high-quality fertilizers and animal feed, then market and deliver our finished products—about half to customers in North America, and half to customers around the world, including those in all key agricultural regions.

We conduct this critical work with abiding integrity and excellence, for the benefit of all our stakeholders. It starts with an intense focus on achieving an injury- and incident-free workplace, and extends to agronomic insight and value for our customers, financial reward for our shareholders, good stewardship of natural resources, and a deep understanding of our obligations to our communities.

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October 01, 2015| Investors

Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC Reaches Regulatory Settlement In Florida

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August 10, 2015 | Products and Sales

Mosaic Welcomes Joc O’Rourke, President and CEO
On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, we welcomed Joc O’Rourke as our new President and CEO – following predecessor, Jim Prokopanko’s retirement...Read Full Article

September 14, 2015 | Sustainability

Mosaic Company Foundation Honors Jim Prokopanko Through Term-sponsored Professorship for Corporate Responsibility at the Carlson School of Management
Mosaic honors recently retired President and CEO through renaming and reinvestment of its term-sponsored professorship at the University of Minnesota...Read Full Article

September 03, 2015 | Community

Mosaic Sponsors CTIC Conservation in Action Farm Tour
For the fifth year, Mosaic sponsored the CTIC Conservation in Action Tour, which showcased the diverse conservation agriculture practices being used by Minnesota farmers to protect water quality, build soil health and improve farm profitability...Read Full Article